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Welcome to Wirrigan Business Services

Wirrigan Business Services provides a range of services designed to help public and private sector organisations achieve their Indigenous procurement targets. We deliver a reliable and commercial services offering for our customers across a range of areas.


We help you manage anything from property re-locations through to keeping your site hygienically clean, and take care of your trash.  

Our sourcing team can also help with uniforms and personal protective equipment to help your staff look sharp and stay safe.


From simple uniforms and specialised to mission critical Personal Protective Clothing we can deliver a program to meet your needs.

Our team specialise in delivering managed programs for the most complex of requirements


Our specialists bring decades of experience to support marketing and operational teams with a range of quality print and promotional products.

Whether it is as small as a box of business cards to wrapping an entire building or a fleet of vehicles – our expert team are here to help.


We are experts in developing custom supply chains to meet the needs of our customers. Every customer brings a unique requirement and set of products. 

Allow our team to develop a custom supply chain that delivers on commercial, environmental and social otucomes.

Wirrigan the Rainmaker

The Wirrigan group of companies take their name from an Aboriginal Dreamtime story. Wirrigan the Rainmaker provided rain for the people during a time of drought when no food was growing and the people were starving. 

Today The Wirrigan group of companies seeks to help Aboriginal people be ready for, gain and maintain employment across a vast range of industries and occupations.

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100% aboriginal owned and operated

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Wirrigan Business Services is 100% Aboriginal-owned and operated by our founder, John McNamara. John is backed by an expert team of individuals to deliver competitive and professional services to organisations of all sizes.

John has established Wirrigan Business Services to support a greater purpose. One that supports programs that help Indigenous Australians overcome social, mental and physical barriers to employment.

Make a difference through the products and services you buy every day

Wirrigan Business Services was established to meet the needs of organisations looking to make a difference through the products and services that they buy.

In 2020, we interviewed and surveyed over 50 of Australia’s leading companies in the social procurement space and built our service model from the ground up to meet the needs of public and private organisations looking to make a difference.

We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to earn a living. We support programs that help Indigenous Australians overcome social, mental and physical barriers in order to access and maintain employment.

Why choose Wirrigan Business Services?

Wirrigan Business Services understand the challenges faced by many organisations when it comes to supporting social and Indigenous procurement targets. That is why we developed a scalable, sustainable and commercial operation. We deliver best in class services that help our customers achieve procurement goals and commercial outcomes.