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Not everyone has the same head start in life and some people face more challenges than others. Our goal is to support Indigenous Australians facing difficulties get back into the workforce.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to get a job and operate at their highest potential.  That is why we support Real Future’s Women’s Business: Second Chance Hub.

It was our commitment to making a difference that got us started and the impacts that we can make to help people that keeps us going. Every service we deliver to our customers helps us achieve our mission. 


supporting programs that help indigenous women enter or re-enter the workforce.

The Women’s Business: Second Chance (WBSC) hub virtually launched on August 4, 2020.

The WBSC hub is a ground-breaking new program that aims to ensure that women who are at risk of being left behind have access to participate in and achieve quality learning, entrepreneurship, and employment outcomes through educational and vocational training.

Real Futures has partnered with UN Women to deliver the first program of its kind in a developed country. The WBSC hub, supported by BHP Foundation as part of their global commitment to enabling access for all women to quality education, is being piloted in Western Sydney, a region that has the highest concentration of Aboriginal people of any single region in Australia.

The hub has been up and running since April 2020. Even with a pause in activities due to Covid-19, we now have hundreds of women and counting registered. When asked to identify the barriers those currently registered with the hub are facing, over 70% of the Western Sydney based Indigenous women identified housing and finances as a major barrier to entering the workforce or engaging in study; most have difficulty affording rent and mortgages. Transportation is also an issue with 32% of current participants without a vehicle or driver’s licence. Another 28% identified serious health barriers – physical and mental. Finally, 22% have parenting and caring responsibilities.

Why choose Wirrigan Business Services?

Wirrigan Business Services provides a range of opportunities for public and private sector organisations to achieve their Indigenous Procurement Targets and whilst doing help support Indigenous Australians achieve job readiness.