From simple uniforms and specialised roles to mission critical Personal Protective Clothing, our team specialise in delivering managed programs for the most complex of requirements



Our specialist team can manage a program for all aspects of your workwear. From general to specialist uniforms through to Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) and Equipment (PPE). Whether you need a simple refresh or a more comprehensive program with managed allocations, our team have the expertise to handle everything from program development through to kitting and fulfillment.


1. program design

Workwear is about more than just which product is being chosen. Our team can work with all parts of your business to design a program that meets the outcomes you are after. Whether it is supplier consolidation, program rationalisation or simply getting your hands around what is being ordered when – our team can handle everything.

2. allocations and ordering

Managing allocations and spend is one of the biggest challenges our customers face. We bring our expertise to bear in developing a process to manage staff allocations (both complex and simple) as well as optimising the ordering process to make sure your team are kitted out correctly.

3. staff onboarding and refresh

Our team work with yours to ensure that staff communication, onboarding and especially larger scale refreshes are managed professionally and simply. Our expertise in working alongside clients takes the pain out of our clients hands and simplifies the process.

4. kitting and fulfillment

Our flexible solutions mean we can work with how your team and staff work. Whether they are all in one location or spread across our country, our team provide a flexible approach that ensures your team are always looking their best and in the right gear.

5. reporting and replenishment

Managing workwear doesn’t end with one drop so our team are always on hand to ensure that new staff or replacement items are managed seamlessly. We can even work with you to ensure that you are always on top of new staff onboarding as well as predicted program spend still to be ordered.

AN industry leading supply chain

We don’t just provide workwear, we develop programs and supply chains that suit the needs of today’s businesses. That is why we work with the best in the industry who not only develop the right ranges of workwear across all needs but remain flexible to meet the needs of modern organisations. Our team will work with you to develop the right range from the right suppliers at the right price – all designed to ensure your workwear spend is managed over time.